What can be done to avoid gaining weight during Ramadan?


Many people think that they will lose weight during Ramadan, but even though we eat for long hours, we actually cannot lose weight that easily, even we gain weight more than once. Prolonged fasting obviously causes a drop in blood sugar. When we experience a rapid food intake at the time of iftar, we may experience a feeling of load collapse, fatigue and drowsiness, as it will cause blood sugar to rise rapidly.

What should be done in order not to gain weight during Ramadan?

  • Wake up at sahur, stay away from carbohydrate-laden foods.
  • Be moderate in your portions at sahur and iftar.
  • Add a snack in the middle of iftar and sahur.
  • Consume plenty of water.
  • Definitely have salad on your iftar table.
  • Take care to chew slowly.
  • Exercise after iftar.
  • Finally, go shopping on a full stomach.

While we rest our body, which has been tired throughout the year, by fasting, we become physically stronger at the same time. However, in order for this rest to be healthy, the meals we eat at sahur and iftar should be light. If you want your weight to stay stable while fasting, you can apply the above methods.