We recommend that you do not use these masks at night… Otherwise, your family or friend may think Hannibal Lecter is walking around in the house! Latife aside, we would like to introduce a product that will make all your skincare dreams come true: LED light facial care devices. Devices using LED light therapy, which look almost unreal, realize what was dreamed of in all the futuristic cinemas of the 1960s. Presumably, they do not allow you to beam to the end of the world, but these devices shorten your skin care routine to 5-10 minutes.

These devices, which apply different light colors and wave sizes to your skin, help in solving many complaints. While blue LED lights target bacteria in the pores, acne problems are eliminated, while red LED lights support natural collagen production and reduce the appearance of redness, inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

LED light application, which is generally used as an extra treatment in dermatologists or aesthetic clinics, is brought to your home with developed masks and care devices! These works, where you can put your skin in the renewal process from where you are sitting, use powerful LED bulbs. If you have tried countless products for your skin problems such as acne, wrinkles or redness and have not seen the improvement you are looking for, we recommend you to turn your face to technology. Combining technology and skin care, LED light facial devices can be your next investment in pleasantness.

In the photo gallery, you can see the 10 LED light therapy facial care devices we have selected for you…


LED Face and Neck Mask, 720 TL YMR

This work, which offers LED skin care, helps skin rejuvenation and remove wrinkles with its photon therapy feature. This mask, which can be applied for both neck and face, supports collagen production while repairing damaged skin.


LED Mask Next Generation, £1,680 DEESSE PRO

Containing 770 medical LED lights, this mask refreshes your skin from where you sit, with four different wavelengths and six different adjustments! You can apply this product, which has different settings such as anti-aging mode, cleaning mode or lighting mode, according to your skin problem.


Light Therapy Golden Face Mask Device, £385 MZ SKIN

This light-treated mask, which supports the production of collagen, also removes the acne scars on your skin by removing the damage caused by the sun to the skin. This mask, which soothes skin problems such as pigmentation and redness, accelerates the renewal process of your skin.


Opera Led Mask, 3,550 TL LEBODY

This face care mask, which applies skin care with LED light, relieves skin problems such as wrinkles, acne and elasticity. This work, which equalizes the color tone of your skin at the same time, allows you to have a brighter and younger appearance.


Light Therapy for Acne, $169 LIGHTSTIM

If you are suffering from the acne problem that is always on your skin, you can try a new skin care treatment! This LED light skin care device uses different wavelengths of light to give you a younger and smoother look.


Pro 7 Color LED Face Mask, $120 DERMASHINE

This mask, which soothes your skin while removing the bacteria on your face and eliminates problems such as fine lines and wrinkles, applies light therapy in seven different colors.


DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro, £430 DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE

While many LED face masks use red and blue lights separately, this mask applies 100 red and 62 blue LED lights simultaneously. This product, which you can use for many skin complaints, supports natural collagen production and also relieves problems such as fine wrinkles, sun spots and redness.


Baby Blue LED Acne Therapy, $229 QUASAR MD

This mask using LED light technology, which allows you to eliminate the stubborn acne problem, deeply cleans the bacteria that cause acne on your skin. This mask, which removes both existing and future acne formation by cleaning the bacteria on the skin surface and in the pores, allows you to take skin control in your hands.


Trinity Wrinkle Reduction LED Facial Device, $429 NUFACE

This work, which brings together microcurrent and red light therapy, reduces wrinkles while equalizing your skin tone. You can achieve a younger look by using this device, which uses red LED light therapy, for only 5 minutes a day.


Boost Advanced LED Therapy Face Mask, 2,990 TL THE LIGHT SALON

This LED illuminated face mask, used by Victoria Beckham and Alexa Chung, helps to remove the signs of aging on your skin with its 98 LED bulbs. This work, which uses red rays and near infrared waves, allows you to have a brighter and smoother appearance.