If you ask makeup artists or vloggers, you will hear that they all routinely clean their makeup brushes! If you’ve been using your brushes for weeks and not cleaning them, no matter how nice your makeup looks, you may be carrying a lot of bacteria on your face! If skin problems such as infection or acne have increased recently on your face, it may be because of the makeup brushes that are not cleaned. Residues accumulated on makeup brushes and sponges can clog your pores and disrupt the makeup you apply.

Cleaning your make-up brushes routinely is both hygienic and allows you to apply a smooth make-up. In order to protect your makeup brushes and accessories from bacteria and oil, it is imperative that you take cleaning products into your life! Sprays, cleansing milks and disinfectant products are specially designed for your make-up brushes. You don’t need to spend an extra effort with these artifacts that simply clean your brushes!

Makeup Brush Cleaner, £12.50 ICONIC LONDON

This spray, which gently cleans your makeup brushes, prolongs the life of your accessories by disinfecting them. With this work, you can make your favorite brushes soft and clean!

Conditioning Brush Cleanser, 98 TL BOBBI BROWN

Designed to clean make-up residues without damaging the brushes, this product extends the life of your make-up brushes.

Brush Cleaning Foam, €30 ARTIS BRUSH

This foam, which disinfects makeup brushes as well as cleans them, allows your brushes to dry quickly after cleaning.

Disinfectant Brush Cleaner, 79 TL MAC COSMETICS

This cleaner, which cleans, disinfects and shapes the hairs of your brushes so that they can be used for a long time, makes the brushes soft without damaging them.

Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer, £39.99 STYLPRO

This work, which both cleans and helps dry your brushes in seconds, gives the smoothest results without creating any pollution around.

Sponge Cleaner, 111.75 TL BEAUTY BLENDER

This work, which is in the form of a compact soap, cleans the excess residues, dust and oil accumulated in the blender sponges and brushes to ensure a clean make-up application.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Spray, 55 TL INGLOT

This alcohol-based spray, which has a gentle and effective formula to completely clean the brushes, protects its form by preventing the brushes made of natural and synthetic bristles from being damaged.

On The Spot Makeup Brush Cleansing Spray, 94.99 TL NYX COSMETICS

This spray, which makes your brushes well-groomed, clean and soft, removes make-up and dirt residues.

Brush Cleaner, 79 TL CLINIQUE

This spray, which is among the favorites of make-up artists, helps you to defend your form by quickly cleaning your make-up brushes.

Brush Cleaner, 135.19 TL DIOR

This cleaning product, which has antibacterial properties, helps to extend the life of your brushes without damaging them.