First of all, if you are planning to go to Kaş by plane, you have 2 options: Dalaman or Antalya Airport. Our offer is that you prefer Dalaman airport because it is closer as a break.

There are many hotels located by the sea in Küçük Çakıl in Kaş. Since it is not a very big place, you can go everywhere on foot when you stay in one of the hotels here. With its central position and the view of Meis Island, Hotel No37 is one of the hotels you can choose. If you are looking for a quieter area, Çukurbağ is for you! Villa Tamara Hotel is one of the pleasant hotels you can choose on this side. For a decent and crowded holiday at the bottom of the sea, choose Doria Yacht Club. In this middle, there are wonderful villa options and boutique hotels in the Kalkan region. For example, Fidanka Hotel may attract you with its wooden decoration and wonderful looking rooms.

(Fidanka Hotel)

Let’s talk about the sea… Kaş offers you many options in this regard. Kaputaş Beach, which I think everyone has seen from the photos, is the first option, even if they don’t go. The sea is truly extraordinary. But there is no random business here and it is usually very crowded. If you want to come, we recommend that you prefer very early hours in the morning. Even if you don’t swim in the sea here, definitely go and see the trillion shades of blue. Likewise, Patara beach is worth seeing with its long sandy beach. Small pebble beaches are the most recognizable ones. If you’re a fan of festivity and loud music, don’t leave without trying Derya Beach’s cocktails. Blancha Beach, located in Hidayet Bay, is one of the beaches you can choose to swim again. My favorite is the Doria Yacht Club with its pleasant ambiance, service concept and the usual perfect sea.

(Doria Yatch Club)

For those of you who want to visit historical places, definitely add Antiphellos Antique City, Xantos Antique City and Demre to your list while you’re in Kaş. Also, the island of Meis, which is very close again, is one of the alternatives that you can reach by boat and have a pleasant time. However, it is essential to have a Schengen visa in order to pass to this familiar island.

( Kaputaş Beach )

Apart from swimming with the caretta carettas, walking around historical places, letting the sun penetrate you, you should definitely wander around the middle streets full of bougainvillea in Kaş, have breakfast at Miskin Breakfast or Dudu Kitchen, have a drink at Biisstt against the sea view, spend the day in Dejavu. You should have a dip, make raki and fish at Üzümkızı Tavern, eat meat at Zaika, and end the night at Echo Bar!

(Dudu Kitchen)