Your lipstick collection becomes much more luxurious and stylish! Hermes, which is seen as one of the most luxurious brands in the world, announced that it has stepped into the pleasant branch. Explaining that her first work for her makeup collection is lipstick, Hermes is entering the beauty branch for the first time after 183 years. Hermes, which has released many matte and satin mixed lipsticks with 24 different colors, announced that the iconic Birkin bag is their inspiration. Inspired by the soft leather of the Birkin bag for its matte formulas, Hermes said it was inspired by classic silk scarves for its satin tones.

We want to point out that the lipsticks are not £10,000 like the Birkin bag! Participating in the sustainable movement, Hermes stated that they do not use any plastic in the packaging of their refillable lipsticks. Lipsticks made from the metals used in their bags cost $67, while refills are $42.

Adding that she chose the colors from the archives of 75,000 silk fabrics and 900 tons of leather for her first make-up collections, Hermes said that choosing the real shades was the result of a long research. After the collection, which is expected to go on sale in March, Hermes will release a new piece of beauty every 6 months. ‘Hermes Beauty’ is ready to take firm steps forward in the section!