Gigi Hadid recently gave one of her most revealing interviews! Hadid, who took a makeup look with makeup artist Erin Parsons, participated in Maybelline’s Instagram live broadcast. Touching on many things from her pregnancy to rumors of plastic surgery, Hadid also spoke about her baby’s father, Zayn Malik.

Hadid, who has always broken up and reconciled with Malik in recent years, hasn’t commented on their relationship for almost a year. After reconciling after their first breakup in 2018, Hadid and Malik, who decided to keep their interest out of sight, kept the details hidden. Hadid, who has reappeared with Malik in recent months, did not answer questions about her lover until the past day.

Explaining the dynamic of their interest to Parsons at the moment, Hadid also commented on her make-up. Hadid spoke about Malik, who quarantined with her in Pennsylvania after complaining that she had nowhere to go with such adequate make-up.

“You know what’s so funny, I don’t think she said, ‘Oh, that’s Erin’s style’ or ‘This is like Patrick Ta’s,’ when I come back from work,” said Hadid, clasping her hands and smiling. But Zayn really likes my makeup, for example, when Erin does my makeup, he has an excited reaction, saying things like, ‘Wow, you look amazing’.”

Hadid said, “Sometimes I can’t help but apply ultra-glamorous makeup. I don’t know why,” he told Parsons, “This is so funny. And I say, ‘This is Erin’s work. Even if it doesn’t matter, you are Zayn’s favorite makeup artist. I don’t know if he knows this but he does, ”she said.

Saying that he sometimes asks Zayn about Gigi’s make-up styles, Parsons said, “I love what I do. Sometimes, ‘Zayn, what do you think?’ I ask. Is it nice? When he replied, ‘Yes,’ he said, ‘It’s okay, I won,'” he said. “I don’t think Zayn ever says no,” Parsons joins Hadid, who stepped in. “Exactly, she never says no. “I don’t think he’d ever be that awful,” she said.

You can see the image of Gigi Hadid smiling and shining while talking about Zayn Malik below…